iArduino Full Version Introduction

iArduino Full Version App Introduction:

iArduinoHD Full Version App is the Full Version of it's iArduinoHD App. This App has got lots of new and improved features. It's working is same as iArduinoHD App. This App is now extended for mostly used and important attachment. With the help of iArduinoHD Full Version App and your ideas you can create variety of projects and control them Wirelessly with faster response of this App.

ScreenShots of iArduino Full Vesrion App:

MEGA Controller
UNO Controller

Car Controller
TV Remote Controller
LCD Controller

MEGA Servo Controller
UNO Servo Controller
App Information

iArduino Full Version App Features:

+ iArduinoHD Full Version app supports Arduino UNO board. It is provided with the Slide On/Off button and Slider on PWM capable Pin to gradually change Pins Output. 

+ Now, this App has been extended for Arduino MEGA Board also.It provides you with 32 Slide On/Off buttons and 11 Slider on PWM capable pin to control Pins Output Gradually. 

+ New Feature: Now it comes with iArduino LCD Controller.This controller is provided with the message window into which whatever you type and send will get printed on the LCD screen wirelessly.Proper Circuit diagram on how to interface the LCD to arduino and code is given on the Website. 

+ New Feature: Now you can control any Car, Rover Or Robot wirelessly right from your iPad using iArduino Car Controller. This feature will give you the ability to control its movement. 

You can even develop your Own Car controller Board with the help of circuit diagram and arduino code given on the website. 

+ New Feature: iArduinoHD Full Version App have capability to replace your TV Remote and can control it with the help of iArduino TV Remote Controller.It can also be used to Control any IR Remote Controlled Devices.Circuit Diagram and Code for building your Infrared Transmitter Module is given on the Website. 

+ New Feature: You can control Servo Motor using iArduino Servo Motor Controller. It have two different Controller, one for UNO Board and one for MEGA Board.It moves arm of Servo motor 90 degrees on each side. 

+ App supports Two view rotation. 

+ Faster Connectivity and Response timings. 

+ Flawless Working. 

+ Very easy to setup and requires minimum time. 

+ App contains Console window which shows Signal Being sent by the App and feedback being received. 

+ Connects through WiFi Network.


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    1. hello!
      when you do an interface for arduino mega as that for servo (with black background) who can still command besides the 8 dimm leds 25 relays I'll buy iArduinoHD Full Version :)

    2. Hello Neco,
      I didn't get you what exactly you want to say.
      Please elaborate so that i can help you out

  2. Hello
    Are electrical switches can be added in order to control the headlamps Manual

    1. Hello Fadi,
      Do you mean that you want to control headlamps wit the App or what.
      Tell what exactly you want to control so that i can help you out with that..

  3. Hi. Is this app compatible with Esp8266 based wifi shield? im building a RC car proyect and this would really work wonder if so.

    1. Hi
      If the shield you mentioned does support UDP communication then iArduino will work with that, it would be good if you can mail me a link so that I can help you out on its compatibility.