iArduino Tutorial

This tutorial will guide you with how to make whole setup to control your Arduino Board with iArduino application. For understanding, we will use LED and we will switch it On and Off  with the help of iArduino app. From this you will get the idea about how to setup iArduino to control your Arduino board Wirelessly. Whole setup will take 4-5 min.

So let's get started........

List Of Items Required: 
Arduino Uno Board
Arduino Ethernet Shield 
Any WiFi Router
Ethernet Cable

iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iArduino App installed on it

If not downloaded the iArduino App on your iOS device then download it now from the App Store. Just click on the icon below.


Working Scheme Of iArduino:

1. Communication between iArduino and Arduino Board is        carried out using UDP packets. And in this WiFi router serves as the intermediate level in the communication.

2. With the help of Arduino Ethernet Shield,  Arduino Board connects to the network.

3. The UDP packets which are sent by the iArduino App are captured and respective action is carried out by the arduino board.

iArduino Code Download And Setup:

First of all download iArduino Code from the link below:

iArduino Code Setup:

After you finish downloading the file open it with Arduino IDE
( i recommend you to upgrade your Arduino IDE, Check for latest IDE here Latest Arduino IDE Download).

After opening up the Arduino IDE with iArduino code here is the screenshot.

After making above changes upload the code to your Arduino Board.

Now stack your Ethernet Shield on Arduino UNO board as follows:

Now connect 1 Red LED between Pin 2 and Ground. 
LED's Anode to 
Pin 2 and Cathode to ground.

Now connect your Ethernet Shield to WiFi router with the help of 
ethernet cable and power your Arduino board.

Now, Power on your WiFi Router.

In this way you have finished setting your arduino board completely.

Now open your iArduino app which you have downloaded in your iOS 
device (If you have not downloaded the iArduino App yet then click 

on the logo to download it from iTunes App Store or search for iArduino 

from your iOS 
device in App Store).


After opening your app it will look like below:

In IP address field, put IP address of your Ethernet Shield. And  in Port No. Field enter the 
localport number which we have mentioned in arduino code. Make sure that WiFi connection for your iOS device is ON and your device is connected to the same WiFi router Network to which Arduino Board is connected.

If everything checked click Connect Button in the iArduino App. Since we have connected the LED to Pin 2 of arduino board, click on  Pin 2 Toggle button in app so that the iArduino sends UDP signal to arduino board and set the Pin 2 to HIGH and Led turns ON. Now Toggle it to OFF position so that LED turns OFF. Similarly check it with other arduino pins also.

iArduino App also provide you to change PWM output on selected pin. With same setup connect Led to Pin 3 and slowly move slider so that the Brightness of LED will increase with your slider position and again slide it back so that Brightness decreases. In this way you can use iArduino app with your current and new Project's to control them wirelessly.

Note: If you are not able to control your board even after making above setup, try either resetting arduino or shut it Off and On.And even if the problem still persist you can post your comments or mail me at ( dhirajjadhao@gmail.com )

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Here is the Video of  iArduino in action


  1. Hello
    Are electrical switches can be added in order to control the headlamps Manual

    1. Yes, you can simply use relay to control AC switches wirelessly with iArduino

  2. Hi can you sell the code for the iOS ? i am willing to pay for it..

    1. Please mail me your queries on: dhirajjadhao@gmail.com

  3. Hi
    It works! Do you plan on adding the lcd display function?

    1. LCD and lot more other functions has been already added in iArduino Full Version App.
      Click on the link below to get more details about the Full version App:

  4. Hi

    How can I customize screen's display of my iPhone, or iPad, with your iOS software? I explain:

    - I have a human skeleton with its organs mounted, and each organ has an LED, and each bone joint has a servo, and I want to identify each organ, and joint, through an iPhone or iPad. Understood?

    It's possible utilize your solution?


  5. How do you connect to Arduino over WiFi rather than Ethernet?
    Thank you

    1. Hello Giles,
      We use ethernet shield with Arduino to connect it to WIFI router so that your Arduino gets network access and then you can control arduino with iArduino App by connecting you iDevice to same WIFI network.

      We are working on expanding iArduino support for different WiFi modules and shields so that it can work with that.

      If you have any issue making setup then please let me know.


  6. Replies
    1. Please mail me your queries on: dhirajjadhao@gmail.com

  7. Hello Sir,
    Actually i replied to you the same time you posted your question but i think my reply haven't got posted to you.

    Ok, here is the answer to your question,
    Yes you can use iArduino App to control servos and leds but you cant customise the Apps interface,
    but you can use general terminology to assign servos to different joints.
    Example: lets say 1 servo is for neck joint 2nd&3rd for right and left left elbow in this way.

    Please let me know if you want any help regarding this.\
    And sorry for delay in reply.


  8. Hi, can I control the uno or mega not only from local wifi, but instead from other external wifi environment? I thought this apps is more helpful to monitor or control my home's electrical appliances such as car park lamp, garden water sprinkle, alarm system etc... thanks for your advice.

    1. I´ve the same dubts, can you get it work?
      I think this App, people can use it for much more than, you explain before, not only by wifi.

      Do you know how can it work by WAN conecxion??


    2. Please mail me your queries on: dhirajjadhao@gmail.com

  9. Greetings,

    The MAC address is supposed to be listed on the Arduino ethernet shield, but I cannot find it anywhere. It is my understanding that the MAC address can be reassigned by using code found at the following address: http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/EthernetBegin. Would it be possible to integrate this code directly into the code you supply for the iArduino app?

    I tried dropping it in and doing a few simple edits, but I couldn't get it to work. A version of the code with this feature integrated or directions on how to modify the current code would be much appreciated.


  10. Hi, sorry to bother you! I am having some problem with this tutorial. I am able to turn on the LEDs but when I slide off on the arduino app, the LED doesn't shut off, but stays on the whole time. Do you know how I can fix this?

  11. Amigos, podrian explicarme como ven en el IPad lo que se despliega en la pantalla del computador? Gracias.

    1. Hi Carlo, please post your question in english for better understanding and i can help you out!

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  13. HI
    can you ( from the iPad ) write code and then upload the code to the arjunio from the iPad ?
    i want to use this app in class and get the students to write the code and then upload from the iPad to the ardunio though the ethernet port.

    this way they could develop their code on the iPads and then upload to arjunio and run.

    regards Monty.thomposn@ringwood.heights.vic.edu.au

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