Tuesday, May 28, 2013

iArduino Full Version App now Available on App Store

Now you can have iArduino Full Version App on your iPhone and iPod Touch. It is now available in Apple App Store. Click on the link below to view app in the App Store.



  1. I have purchased IArduino full app for Iphone 4 (os 5.1.1).
    Item iArduino uno mega controller not work on my iphone

    please check it
    Or money back for me.

  2. I have already fixed that thing and submitted the update in App Store , as soon as it passes through apples verification procedure ,it will be there in App Store and once you update it will start perform wring well. Sorry for inconvenience happend to you, all these happens generally because of apples constantly changes in software and hardware stuff.

    If you have any other issue do let me know, update will be available roughly around a week