Wednesday, May 29, 2013

iArduino Full Version Code Update

Hello Guys,

iArduino Full Version App Arduino Code is now updated with the Servo Controller Code.

you can download new updated code from the download section of the website here:

iArduino Code Download


  1. I need the iArduino app to optionally query the state of the controller pins and update the visible state based on response packets received from the board. To accomplish this the user should be able to configure the app into "full duplex" mode. When in this mode, the app would send a series of packets to the Arduino board. Each packet would have a syntax like 'P3?'. A sketch with knowledge of this syntax would respond to this packet by sending a packet indicating the current value of the pin using a syntax like 'P3H' or 'P3M001.1', etc. The app would parse these responses and update the display accordingly. Even better, the app should always process packets that conform to this syntax, even when the app hasn't requested the current value from the controller. An updated app as I've described would thusly allow the app to show the current state of all pins of interest regardless of whether the pin value was set by the app user or in response to a state change on the board.

    - Bob

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